How to contact the BERKELEY TIMES

     For each edition, a small and dedicated staff at BERKELEY TIMES will take on the task of writing and publishing news about the community of Berkeley. Even so, their efforts won't be enough to cover all aspects of the town -- not without the help of a good number of residents and subscribers. If you are interested in supporting the process of collecting and publishing news for your event, school campus, community group, or neighborhood, by all means contact someone on the Berkeley Times staff so that your efforts may be facilitated.

Where to send stories

     Any story about a member of the Berkeley community belongs in the Berkeley Times. Whether it’s a news story, a schools story, sports or feature, one can submit by email, by U.S. Post, or by bringing it by our offices. Any framed photographs and/or documents delivered to the offices will be scanned and made available for pick up (usually the next business day).

            email address:

            mailing address: P. O. Box 559, Berkeley, CA 94701-0559

            office telephone: (510) 332-7572

     In the instance of an obituary, please call someone on the editorial staff immediately: (510) 332-7572.

Other ways of reaching the newspaper

            News items:


            Arts & Lit submissions:




            Job inquiries: