Top 10 list

Why you should subscribe to BERKELEY TIMES

  10. Because Berkeley is too vital not to have its own paper.

    9. Because you are tired of hearing about amazing arts events after they’ve already happened.

    8. Because you like to read and re-read stories about the Yellowjackets knocking off the Gauchos, and the Panthers overcoming the Pride.

    7. Because you care who reads your obituary.

    6. Because when it really matters, you want balanced coverage of the School District and the City Council.

    5. Because our children will read about their accomplishments and become inspired.

    4. Because you appreciate the experience of a newspaper, and discover stories about Berkeley that you wouldn't have seen otherwise;

    3. Because sometimes it’s better for everyone when you complain directly to the Editor.

    2. Because you want to read about your friends and family and colleagues...and sometimes even you.

…and the top reason why you should subscribe to the Berkeley Times

    1. Because if you subscribe now, you can feel proud that you are supporting a publication that's supporting (even nurturing) local voices (including writers, photographers, and illustrators).