How to publish news in BERKELEY TIMES

     Did your little leaguer just hit a home run to help win a game? Perhaps your teen just competed well in a Science Fair? or in a Spelling Bee? Or perhaps she was a solo performer in a recital by the Young People’s Symphony Orchestra (YPSO). Or perhaps she just returned from hiking the North American Trail? or from Cheerleading Camp?

     Are you a part of a group raising money for the schools and wondering how to get the word out about an upcoming event?  Is there a beloved elder in your neighborhood with stories about Berkeley “back in the day” that need to be told?  All these stories belong somewhere in Berkeley Times, and it’s up to you to share them.

     If you are interested in supporting the process of collecting and publishing news for your school campus or community group, by all means contact someone on Berkeley Times staff so that we can help facilitate your efforts.

Where to send stories

     Any story about a member of the Berkeley community belongs in Berkeley Times. Whether it’s a news story, a schools story, sports or feature, one can submit by email, by U.S. Post. Any framed photographs and/or documents delivered to the offices will be scanned and made available for pick up (usually the next business day).

            email address:

            mailing address: P.O. Box 559, Berkeley, CA 94701-0559

            office telephone: (510) 332-7572

     In the instance of an obituary, please call someone on the editorial staff immediately: (510) 332-7572.

Guidelines for submissions

     1. Community submissions should be brief, no greater than 250 words. Longer stories will be accepted but should be cleared with an Editor first. Stylistically, all stories should be written with third-person pronouns (he, she, they) – especially if one happens to be writing a feature or column.

     2. Not a confident writer? Don’t be discouraged. Just submit the facts in bullet form (Who, What, Where, When, How), and the staff will edit it into final form.

     3. A name and phone number must accompany all submissions. Before any submission runs in Berkeley Times, please expect to hear from someone on the editorial staff.

     4. Letters to the Editor should not exceed 250 words. Opinions should not exceed 450 words. Berkeley Times will not publish letters and Opinions not relating to the Berkeley community.

     5. With each submission, color photos are welcome and encouraged. Before sending an image, however, please note that each individual featured in the image must be identified in the caption. For email submissions of photos, please send images in high-resolution (4 x 6 inches). Also, please identify the photographer.